More than seventy percent of our planet consists of water. The increasing pollution of the oceans in recent decades has become a global environmental problem. That's why we have decided to adopt the sustainability project Champions for the Sea, which was launched by the Ocean Race to save the oceans.


Champions for the Sea

The Champions for the Sea programme was developed by the Ocean Race, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals Programme of the United Nations, and aims to sensitise children and young people to the issue of plastic pollution of the oceans. The programme is divided into five different topics and is already being used across 42 countries in seven different languages.




Thema 1 – Das Ocean Race

Thema 2 – Unsere Verbindung zum Ozean & die Plastikverschmutzung der Meere

Thema 3 – Reduktion der Plastikverschmutzung in den Ozeanen

Thema 4 – Mein Plastikfußabdruck

Thema 5 – Wissenschaft & Segeln



Our Goal






We have set ourselves the goal of implementing the Ocean Race’s sustainability programme in Austria, which makes us the first German-speaking country to adopt this programme. Our aim is to draw attention to the worldwide issue of plastic pollution in Austria as well. After all, plastic waste not only enters the oceans from the coast but also via our inland waters.

The teaching materials are currently being translated into German in cooperation with the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Klagenfurt. Starting in autumn 2020, trained team members will carry out voluntary educational work in schools in the form of interactive workshops in order to lastingly sensitise children and adolescents to this highly relevant issue.




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