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Do I need sailing experience?

Basic sailing experience is required.


Arrival /Depature


For when should I book my outward and return flight?

The dates given are the departure or estimated arrival date. The meeting point is on the day of departure in the morning, the exact time will be announced 3 weeks in advance. As our arrival at the destination port depends on wind and weather conditions, we advise you to allow for a time cushion of a few days when booking your return flight or to take out cancellation insurance for the flight.

Will the schedule be kept?

The route planning or time schedule can be kept very realistically, but there can be delays due to wind and weather conditions. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the schedule.

Where do we meet?

The meeting point is directly at the ship. You will be informed about the exact location 3 weeks in advance.

Can I sleep on the boat the night before departure?

Usually the ship is already in the harbour the day before and after prior arrangement with us you are welcome to sleep on board.


Safety on Board


Do I need my own life jacket?

You are welcome to bring your own life jacket with life belt. Please note, however, that we require life jackets with Hammar trigger (NO UML trigger!) and integrated AIS. If you do not have such a lifejacket, you can borrow one from us for a rental fee of €40. Please also note that life jackets often cause delays with luggage when flying, so please check with your airline in advance.

Are life belts available on board?

Yes, life belts are included with our life jackets.

What can I do in case of seasickness?

There are numerous remedies against seasickness (just ask at the pharmacy). If you are prone to seasickness, please make sure to make the necessary provisions in advance. Of course, we also have medication on board. If you have any questions regarding seasickness, you can also contact our medical team (

What if there are extreme weather conditions?

If weather conditions endanger the safety of the crew and the ship, the ship will not leave port, or (if possible) enter a safe harbour. Unfortunately, we cannot assume liability for missed flights due to delays.




Do I need oilskins?

Please bring at least one set of oilskin.

Which shoes do I need?

Please only waterproof shoes with light-coloured, non-slip soles and sailing boots.


Hygiene on Board


How can I wash myself on board?

There is no shower on board. You can either take a shower using water bottles or use wet wipes.

Is there a toilet on board?

Yes, but the use of the toilet is relatively demanding in heavy seas. Your privacy is guaranteed by a curtain.


Food & Drinks  on Board


Do I need to bring my own food?

Basic food is provided by us.

What do we eat on board?

Generally, we eat freeze dried food (infused with hot water). On shorter deliveries and for the first days of longer deliveries, we also have fresh fruit. For in between we also have muesli bars. Please let us know in advance if you have any intolerances or if you are vegetarian.

What about drinks?

Drinking water is made on board by a watermaker. You are welcome to take along effervescent tablets with vitamins or minerals as well as isotonic drink powders.

Do I need my own drinking bottle?

Yes, please bring a drinking bottle labelled with your name.


Sleeping on Board


How do we sleep on board?

The crew is divided into 2 watches. Basically the watches work like this:

1st watch from 6-12

2nd watch from 12-18

1st watch from 18-22

2nd watch from 22-02

1st watch from 02-06 and so on (short-long night).

The watch system can also be changed in bad weather conditions. But this is no guarantee that you can always sleep through the night, because during manoeuvres it can happen that "all hands on deck" are needed.

Do I need earplugs?

As it is very loud in the ship, earplugs are recommended.

Do I need a mat for my bunk?

As you prefer.

What does a bunk look like?

They are standard tube bunks, which are really comfortable by the way.

Do I need a cushion?

A cushion is highly recommended.


Working on Board


Do I have to do work on board?

All cooperation is obligatory. Each crew member is assigned a task based on their sailing skills.

Can I steer the boat?

If you already have sailing experience, you can steer the boat. Please note that the skipper is carries all responsibility and decides who can steer the boat.


Advance Charter Allowance


What does ACA include?

ACA consists of the following components:

  • Food
  • Diesel
  • Any mooring fees
  • Proportional excess insurance

We charge a flatrate of 55 € per day.

The following costs are not included in ACA:

  • Entry fee for regattas
  • Life jacket (optional)
  • Accommodation at place of departure and place of arrival




Is there a power outlet on board?

Yes, there is a 12-volt socket on board.

What kind of travel bag should I take?

Please only use foldable bags. Please also bring a smaller bag for the most important and quickly accessible items of clothing. Waterproof bags are generally recommended.

Is there a playbook for crew and manoeuvres?

A playbook is currently being developed and will be released as soon as possible.

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